Smartphone is gaining always more and more importance in our life.

Our interfaces simplify the use and interaction between Automotive Infotainment System(OEM or Aftermarket) and the Smartphone features or his applications.


AVAILABLE on October 2014

Downloading our APP it is possible to handle Smartphone like a touch pad, seeing
and selecting the icons of our App directly on the car screen.

We don't use wifi connection. WHY this choice?

Due to our experience we decided to use a HDMI cable to connect the interface to the
smartphone adapter because this type of connection will assure:

  • A better performance
  • A better video quality
  • A faster use
  • An immediate use and a continuity of image/sound for all the time during the connection
  • Recharge the smartphone
  • No needs Wifi or Bluetooth setup

For all Smartphone with HDMI connection:

  • SCREEN MIRRORING: join and use the screen like a mirror on all systems using the functions and apps of the Smartphone (for all Smartphone models with Hdmi support)

For all Smartphone IOS apple only (from Iphone 4 omward):

  • TOUCH PAD: use your smartphone like a touch-pad computer mouse (just for Apple smartphones)
  • prodotto


    HDMI Input (up to 1080p)
    CVBS Analog Video Output PAL/NTSC selectablet
    Can Bus input for OEM Integration
    Provision for WakeUp on CAN Bus activities
    Video Scaler for perfect matching between
    Video input and Video output resolution
    Stereo Analog Output with output level selectable
    (2Vrms, 1Vrms, 0.5Vrms)
    USB Device port, for firmware upgrade
    Remote input for powering ON/OFF